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  • Mike Ligeti

Home Health Care and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The government says, home health care should maintain our same level of care for our patients now, as before the Coronavirus. What we at Reliance Home Health Care have decided to do, with the help of the government’s websites is, to minimize the varied caregivers going into a home or facility. Moreover, we are going to assign a Physical Therapist and a Nurse to each facility and they will follow the CDC's and the Department of Health's guidelines for home care to treat our patients in a safe manner. In this way, we can also identify any changes in the resident’s or patient’s health condition that we can treat without necessarily going to the hospital, and we will follow their physician's plan of treatment going forward.

With this concept, we will minimize the fears of spreading the virus and we can identify each patient's and caregiver's exposure while making sure their health is at its maximum level.

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