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  • Mike Ligeti

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Home Health Agency

Often times, it is not until you are confronted with a devastating event such as the injury, hospitalization or debilitation of a loved one, that you are exposed to the world of homecare. How do you know where to turn? How do you know who to trust? Finding acceptable care is not an easy task.

Reliance Nurse Checking Breathing Sounds with Stethoscope

When choosing an agency to take care of a loved one, I believe that some of the most important factors families consider are:

• Choosing an agency that will provide honest caregivers

• Choosing an agency that will ensure the safety of your loved one

• Choosing an agency that is dependable

• Choosing an agency that seeks out the most compassionate caregivers

• Choosing an agency that is affordable

As I have built my business, I have kept each of these things in mind. My goal is to have a home health care company that I would proudly recommend to my own friends and family. The patient’s needs, along with those of their families, are at the center of everything we do here. We put our patients first, always.

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