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  • Mike Ligeti

Reliance Accepts Medicaid

Did you know that Reliance Home Health Care also take Medicaid patients? We do! Reliance wants to give back to the community by lending a helping hand to those with Medicaid. Most home health care companies don't do this simply because they lose money. While this may be a good business move, caring for living and breathing people is more than just business for us. With the help of the Long-term Care Community Diversion Program of Florida, we are able to keep Medicaid beneficiaries out of nursing homes and in their own homes. Not only does this benefit them, but it also saves the government $4 to $6 thousand every month by taking care of the patients in their homes.

Reliance Nurse Checking on Patient

While we believe this is the civic duty of all home health care agencies, we can only hope that all the others will follow in our footsteps. For now, as with many other differentiating characteristics I have already written about in other blogs, we remain the gold standard of home health care agencies in South Florida.

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