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The team at Reliance is committed to providing exceptional care and peace of mind to patients and their loved ones. We understand the need for independence and will make the home a safe and comfortable environment. Every staff member is carefully screened and matched to meet the needs of each patient.

Mike Ligeti Owner of Reliance Home Healthcare


Owner & Administrator

Mike Ligeti began his career in home health care as a community education specialist almost 20 years ago in Palm Beach County. He enjoyed working with medically needy seniors and decided to start his own company in 2006.


Mike founded Reliance Home Health Care with a passion for putting patients first and treating everyone the way he would want to be treated. His motto is “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Mike’s professional expertise, combined with his heart to serve seniors in Florida, has made Reliance a trusted, first-class resource for home health services.

Conrad Juenger, Reliance Home Healthcare


General Manager

Conrad Juenger has recently joined Reliance Home Health Care as General Manager. Prior to working at Reliance, Conrad excelled in management roles in the communications and commercial fishing industries. He's brought his natural talent for solving problems and his passion for serving others to his role in home health care. His goal is to bring innovative and reliable care solutions to those who need it most and is thrilled to join a team that always puts their patients first.


Conrad is currently enrolled in the Health Care Institute of West Palm Beach and is furthering his knowledge of health care at Fred Pryor and Home Care Association of Florida seminars. He has found his role at Reliance to be a fulfilling one as he works alongside highly skilled nurses and staff to provide exceptional home care.

Reliance Headshot 2024_edited.jpg


Director of Nursing

Gwendolyn Stewart Williams, RN, BSN, MA, MSN, DNP, joined the team at Reliance Home Health Care Agency as its Director of Nursing in October 2023. With over 40 years of experience in nursing, business ownership, and healthcare executive roles, she brings a wealth of expertise to her position. Throughout her career, Gwen has focused on administrative and quality improvement initiatives in various healthcare settings, including home health, hospice, outpatient clinics, public health, and hospitals.

In home health, Gwen has held positions such as agency administrator, clinical director, mock surveyor, and QAPI consultant. One of her notable achievements includes spearheading the development of a multimillion-dollar grant-funded HIV/AIDS clinic serving 10 rural counties in Alabama. She is adept at business operations, conducting detailed reviews of electronic medical records (EMR) and ensuring supportive documentation for medical billing compliance. Additionally, Gwen has extensive experience in statistical data analysis, process development, and monitoring existing processes to enhance quality and efficiency.


Driven by her passion for healthcare excellence, Dr. Gwen is dedicated to assisting healthcare agencies in achieving regulatory and clinical outcomes success across all service lines. She holds a multistate registered nursing license, ensuring her ability to contribute effectively to healthcare initiatives on a broad scale.

Rosana Castro, Reliance Home Healthcare


Assistant Administrator

Rosana Castro has worked for Reliance Home Health Care for over a decade. In that time, she has had many job descriptions, but the most rewarding one is Marketing and Case Managing on the road because it puts her in direct contact with clients, doctors and the community. Rosana treats her clients like family and works diligently to get them the best quality of health care resources. She has many years of experience working in healthcare and has found Reliance to be the most trusting, compassionate and family-oriented business she’s had the pleasure of working for.

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